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To find out more about corporate or group training, availability for speaking at your next marketing or publishing event, and other general inquiries, email support@precisionmarketingmedia.com.

To get more information about consulting or coaching services, email proposal@precisionmarketingmedia.com.

You can also send a direct message via Twitter using @PrecisionMktg.

For press or media inquiries, please email media@precisionmarketingmedia.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer marketing or business consulting for 1-month?

Firstly, I do offer long and short term consulting options. However, I require a 90-day minimum commitment because many of the strategies and tactics (especially regarding SEO, SEM and social media marketing) I recommend have timelines and performance objectives of around 3 months to see optimum results. Secondly, if you’re looking at direct response marketing and are testing “new” creatives (multi-variant testing), it can easily take at least 30 days to produce a winner or a “control”. Thirdly, if one of your strategies is pay per click (PPC), most campaigns can require a 2-3 months of observation and refining before zeroing in on the right cost per click and high performing ad. Lastly, my near 20-years of marketing experience has shown me that it will take at least 3 months for me to come in, define a strategic marketing plan, work on tactical implementation, then work with your team on maintenance and then them to a place of sustainability (or even advancement) going forward regarding my recommendations. (Note: my average client stays on board with me between 7 - 13 months, due to performance satisfaction and results!)

Do unused marketing hours roll over, if I have selected a monthly consultancy agreement for a certain amount of hours?

Unfortunately, not. That’s why it’s wise to carefully think about your needs and budget as well as how you’d like to best utilize my time before you select a consulting option that’s right for you.

Do you accept credit cards?

In certain client situations, my website does have the ability to accept credit cards via Google Checkout and applicable transaction fees have already been built into the total consulting cost. However, the common and more preferred method of payment is to issue an invoice to clients (typically 100% billed in advance of the month) with payment method by check or money order. If a wire transfer or similar method of payment is used, client is responsible for any transaction fees that may be incurred.

Do you have a client portfolio that I can see to get an idea about your performance?

Since most of my clients receive strategic marketing direction, my involvement in their business’ growth (i.e. website traffic, sales, leads, etc.) is an excellent real-life example – so feel free to check out the folks I've worked for via my Testimonials page, then Google their websites or look up their traffic rank on Alexa.com. To view the client and former employer feedback which can attest to my work ethic, knowledge, and performance, click here now http://www.precisionmarketingmedia.com/testimonials.html. On the list, you’ll see many Fortune 500 companies, well-known entrepreneurs, and top publishers.

Do you offer hourly rates?

What I like to do is have an initial call with a prospective client to interview them and get an idea of their needs and budget. I then create a marketing solution that is tailor fit to that specific client. Most of the time the best bang for the buck is via a “monthly consulting agreement”, where clients can tap into a variety of skills for a determined amount of hours and for a set monthly retainer. That gives the client flexibility for vast business needs. However, I also offer Precision Power Coaching , ideal for clients that are only looking for recommendations and high-level strategic direction and have an in-house marketing team to implement the tactics. On a case-by-case basis depending on needs, I may work with a client on a “by the hour” agreement.

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You have already met and exceeded my expectations. Your expertise is unparalleled. I can't wait to go on from here.

Bob Bly, Renowned Copywriter and Best-selling author, www.Bly.com

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